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Posted at April 4th, 2011 by yadi

ripe fruit Having your own garden or garden of fruit trees that once was common, but fell out of favor as the industry increasingly food and supermarkets began to take over. In recent years however, people increasingly began to explore the growth of their products again. Here are five reasons why you might consider starting your own garden.

- Freshness

Fruits and vegetables taste better and healthier when eaten as soon as possible after collection. Most fruit you buy, and supermarkets which have been collected well before it is fully ripe, to extend the shelf-life, and this usually affects the taste. Growing alone, you can taste the fresh produce as possible, it is supposed to taste.

- Quality

Cash crops are often selected for their high efficiency, uniform appearance and longevity over quality and taste. When you grow your own, you can focus on quality rather than the economy.

- Price

Very fresh supermarket produce is extremely high, despite their advertising. Growing your own from seed is almost as cheap as you can get, and even had small plants you buy are likely to give you better food at lower cost. With many plants, you can use the seeds of a growing season to supply plant to another – a self-perpetuating cycle that costs only time and strength to persevere.

- Origin

Increasingly concerned about how our food is produced with chemical pesticides and GM foods of particular concern. With your own vegetable garden, you know exactly where your food comes from and how it was grown.

- Variety

There are literally thousands of different varieties of fruits and vegetables, but supermarkets tend to focus only on the most profitable and easy to sell. This means that our choices are often limited to a few selected varieties of apples, for example, instead of hundreds of traditional types that exist. Growing your own allows you to choose the varieties you like best, and try to find new jobs, you will rarely see for sale.

There are of course a downside to all this – it takes time and effort. In these times of increasingly busy, you might not think we have time to lose, but from grass plants with a little bit of your window, or even the odd tomato plant will give you a taste of growing your own and might even be enough to tune it for life!

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