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Posted at May 10th, 2011 by yadi

ripe plantations From the outer look plantain is very close to banana; yeah actually they are from one family. But when you talk about the perfect time to consume plantain, then it is really different with banana. When you see the beautiful yellow banana, you will know that is ready to eat. The taste wills so good, it sweet and soft. But if you eat plantain when it still yellow, it will taste like a raw banana and it is true, yellow plantain is raw.

If you see overripe bin on you local supermarket and see the peel of some plantains are totally black, actually those are the ripe plantains. Yes, total black is the full ripeHow to Grow Your Own Fruit And Vegetables till Ripe. Read more ... » of plantain. This is because plantain contains less moisture than banana so it slowly ripens.

To ripen the plantains you need store them I a warm and good ventilated area and let them for days. It can even weeks to reach the full ripe of plantain. And can make the process faster is you put it close to other fruit like apple, but not to close because it can make them spoil. If you put ripe plantains on humid place it can be moldy, when it happen you don’t just throw it to the waste bin, you can wipe it with cloth and let it ripen. If it totally blacks then this is the best time to enjoy ripe plantains.

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