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increase metabolism Metabolism is a process in the body which acts upon a variety of factors. Increasing the metabolism rate within the body is useful in burning fat, losing weight and growing muscle. Depending on the age of the person, gender, weight and exercise behaviors of a person, their metabolism rate may be possible to increase over time. Most people are not at their metabolism extremes and could easily increase their metabolism by performing a combination of the following metabolism boosting activities:

Water Intake

Drink water at the beginning of your day. The first thing you do when you wake up is drink water 30 minutes before you eat breakfast. The water helps to clean out your system and prepare the body for your day. Proper hydration is needed to allow for a metabolism response that increases. Water intake should be at least one gallon of water distributed throughout the day.


Developing an exercise routine which incorporates a variety of exercises helps to start a metabolism into the beginning stages of positive productive states. At least 30 minutes of exercise within 5 days of the week are required to start a healthy metabolism response. Any type of aerobic exercise is beneficial to the body and will help to moderately increase the metabolism. A 30 minute period of time each day with aerobic exercise is the minimum which will help to increase metabolism.

Weight lifting to increase muscle mass will help to benefit the metabolism rate in the body. The ratio of muscle to fat increases the metabolism when there is more muscle than fat in the body. Getting to a great equilibrium is an excellent option to ensure a metabolism increase. Lifting weights can also be intensified over time to work the body more and burn off extra calories. Muscle increase is different in every person and muscle increase is limited in some people.

When you exercise throughout the day you have a greater chance of burning more calories and getting a higher metabolism response. Do exercise at intervals that help to burn calories after you eat so that you store less and continue to burn while resting. Incorporating mild exercises into normal everyday activities is a great way to help increase metabolism.

Food Additives

Adding spices to your food intake can help to increase a metabolism response. Adding spices such as cinnamon to breakfast, mustard to your lunch and chili peppers to your dinner have a positive response in increasing metabolism. These spices are all proven to increase metabolism response with regular use. If you can add at least a half teaspoon of each to your meals every once in a while, you body will benefit from an increased metabolism response and higher amounts of calories burned.

Vitamin C as well as a variety of other antioxidant type vitaminsAn Overview Of Vitamin World. Read more ... ยป will help to detoxify the body and improve metabolism. Add at least 500 milligrams of Vitamin C to your diet every day. Eat fruits high in vitamin C such as Citrus or Kiwis to your diet to help provide vitamin C as well as easy to burn calories for your workouts. Although large doses of Vitamin C are not harmful, some people will begin to feel adverse effects when they exceed 2000 milligrams in dosage.

Adding ice to your water causes your body to work towards heating it up once it is ingested. The extra work that your body does to heat up the water will cause the body to burn extra calories. This increase in calories burned is trivial but may help to kick start a metabolism increase if it has not been a regular practice in your water drinking habits. Warm/hot water also produces the same effect when the body needs to cool down the water as well. Hot teas without sugar additives are a great way to incorporate hot water into the body for increased calorie burn.

Caffeine is a very simple addition to any diet and increases the heart rate. An increased heart rate will in effect cause more calories to burn and have a temporary metabolism increase. The addition of caffeine may not be recommended for people who have high blood pressure or those who are sensitive to caffeine. Too much caffeine can cause a drain in energy in some people. Limiting caffeine intake to the equivalent of a couple of cups a day is the best option.

Chromium is one of the options for supplementation that can help to increase metabolism in the body. Chromium is found in a variety of foods that are normally consumed in a typical diet. Supplement pills of chromium are available which could provide an adequate amount of chromium for the body. Taking too much chromium is not recommended but the effects are still unknown in humans.

Sunlight Exposure

Get some sunlight in your eating routine. Have at least a quarter hour of sunlight exposure to increase your intake of Vitamin D during the day. Vitamin D is one of the Vitamins that are important in the body in the production of bones and increasing metabolism. Too much sun exposure can cause negative effects. Make sure to wear sun block when you plan on being active outdoors to help limit sunlight exposure for long periods of time.

Eating Habits

When eating in many intervals by eating smaller meals throughout the day this will help to kick start a higher metabolism in the body. The natural hunting and gathering instincts of our distant ancestors caused them to be constantly on the move between meals. This kept their bodies in great condition to ensure that they were ready for any situation. Small meals also help to curve hunger throughout the day and reduce cravings for excess calories.

You do not need to enact all of these options to increase your metabolism, although if you could fit them all into your schedule the higher potential for an increase in metabolism is possible. If any of these options causes the body to feel ill, discontinuing them is the best option. Consult a doctor before trying any changes to an exercise regimen or diet plan.

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  1. Lino Baine says:

    Resistant starch (RS) can increase your metabolism so you can burn extra calories. Oats, beans, and potatoes are loaded with RS.

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