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Posted at July 16th, 2012 by yadi

My Youngsters Really like Raw Vegetables

I am not generating this up. My Youngsters actually do Enjoy raw vegetables. Even now that they are grown up and either at college or living on their own, a single of the very first factors they do after coming property is open the refrigerator even though asking at the very same time if there are any veggies and dip. The dip is the crucial. That is how I got my Youngsters hooked on consuming raw vegetables and consuming many them. It’s not unusual for my 3 Youngsters to consume 2 heads of cauliflower, and a 2 pound bag of child carrots in a single day the moment they are residence and nevertheless be seeking for far more raw vegetables to consume.

The moment preparing vacation meals, my Children make certain I have a veggie tray planned. And in contrast to numerous households exactly where the veggie tray is ignored ours is dug into with gusto; even at my annual New Year’s Day celebration with around 35 to 40 family members and buddies in attendance. For that celebration I no longer bother with a platter of raw vegetables. I place out giant bowls of them and leave them out following the meal is more than for the Children and adults to snack on. By the time everybody goes house, the final stalk of celery has been eaten. My typical raw vegetable buy for my New Year’s Day celebration is three heads of cauliflower, 4 pounds of infant carrots, two bunches of celery, a single bag of radishes, 4 green bell peppers, 4 red bell peppers, and three containers of grape tomatoes. No, I never have leftovers; and yes I have lots of other food.

What is the secret? It is dip. My Children have usually been prepared to consume tons of raw vegetables as long as they have dip to go with them. It appears Adore Children are prepared to consume wholesome foods as long as they can dip them in some thing.

Even though I cannot say my dip recipe is healthful, It really is truly flavorful so a small of it goes a long way. And simply because my Little ones ate so a lot of raw vegetables with it I never worried around the quantity of dip they had been employing. This is the dip recipe I was provided more than 25 years ago and have been generating at least after a week because then. It make 2 cups, but a double batch of It’s a lot more than adequate for all the vegetables I serve at my New Year’s Day celebration.

Vegetable Dip a single cup sour cream one cup Hellmann’s Mayo (do not substitute) one generous tablespoon dill weed one tablespoon Worcestershire sauce teaspoon onion salt teaspoon garlic salt teaspoon Lawry’s seasoning salt

Mix anything with each other, chill, and serve; whilst we normally do not bother chilling it just before consuming it the 1st time. We mix it up and dig in with our vegetables. The dip keeps properly, around 2 weeks if it lasts that long.

My Little ones can not don’t forget a time that fresh vegetables weren’t offered to them. I attempted to make a thing of constantly keeping some cut up and prepared to consume in the refrigerator. I too taught all my Little ones how to make the dip as soon as they had been tiny. All 3 of my now grown Little ones can make the dip with no working with the recipe. Too, after they had been old adequate, I had them support me with the cutting and washing of the vegetables. And most importantly, I set a very good instance. At night the moment it was snack time, my Little ones constantly saw me snacking on raw veggies and dip. It just became a all-natural issue for them to do also. Now the greatest obstacle my Children inform me they have is discovering time to cut up vegetables for themselves. They acquire the vegetables but do not appear to get about to cutting them up. They say the moment they do get them cut up, they consume them rapidly, but they admit they had been fairly spoiled by me creating a factor of keeping these fresh prepared to consume vegetables in the fridge all the time the moment they had been younger.

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