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Posted at January 5th, 2013 by yadi

Consume Your Vegetables   Or ELSE!

They are Critical. Seriously Brainless.

“Your pet carrot will reside,” the medical doctor mentioned, “but it really is going to be vegetables for the rest of its life.” Possibly you have heard that old joke, and you have almost certainly heard the old expression “You are what you Consume.” Synthesize those two, and add the current brainless activity of a guv’mint school lunch inspector, and you see how Really serious our dear leaders are about consuming vegetables.

It really is likely now politically non-appropriate to remind you that men and women who’d lost their brain function had been after referred to as “vegetables.” Please recognize that my hate speech right now is not meant to demean mental patients; on the contrary, I would recommend we take away the complete federal government and replace politicians and bureaucrats alike with whatever mental patients we can uncover who’d be prepared to do these jobs (except that this would be abuse of the infirm). The activity (or, hopefully, non-activity) of that new government could not Perhaps be any much more brainless than that of the recent “progressive” federal insanity.

Take the extensively-reported current choice of a federal school lunch inspector, who confiscated the mom-supplied lunch of a small girl and forced her to Consume a school cafeteria lunch rather. The seized lunch? Mom had supplied the kindergartener with a turkey-and-cheese sandwich, a banana, some chips, and a box of apple juice… the mere packing of which was a clear instance of kid abuse. The guv’mint lunch? Chicken nuggets (it is nonetheless unknown which component of the hot dog is utilized to make these) and institutional vegetables.

It was afterward, after Mom got the bill for the cafeteria lunch, that she had to declare “Wha-wha-WHAT?” and the story got legs. Yes, they threw out the perfectly-great lunch she’d sent, gave her daughter fried food rather, and billed her for the privilege of inflicting this real emotional abuse on her daughter. I wish I could say I am creating this up… but no, it is accurate, and it really is your New America in action.

In defending his choice, the guv’mint inspector pointed out that, with out an integrated vegetable, Mom’s concept of lunch was not up to federal standards. In defending HER selection, Mom pointed out that she serves veggies at dinner, the moment she can supervise their consumption, as an alternative than sending costly vegetables to school to be thrown away by her small veggie-hater.

I am just supposed,’ but I guess if she’d sent her child to school with absolutely nothing but a potato in her lunch box, every thing would’ve been cool with The Man. Also, the feds apparently suggest deep-fried food – so if that potato were, say, cut into strips and deep-fried, the tiny girl might’ve been offered an award. Possibly the “President’s Award For Consuming Your Vegetables,” or some thing else akin to the award we got back in the day from President Kennedy for showing up at fitness center class.

But no. She got shame and trauma, and chicken nuggets. What is your guess: do you believe she ate these cafeteria veggies? Or had been they nonetheless riding the tray once she stood in line to submit it to the dishwasher?

Let’s just say, for the sake of appropriate-wing tea-celebration private-sector company-owner Republican hatred, that she tossed ‘em. That would mean this: your federal government paid to send a lunch inspector to school, paid him to throw away a lunch which integrated fruit and fruit juice and protein and complicated carbs, paid the school to force-feed fried mystery-meat to a kid, basically threw away some mushy steamed vegetables, and sent a bill to a mother to take a couple much more bucks out of the real economic climate. All this the item of great intentions gone off the rails in the name of public nutrition.

Your federal guv’mint is alive and nicely. But as lengthy as it is run by statists, it really is going to act like a vegetables for the rest of its life.

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